Marriage to the LDS Church

A Modern Day Love Story

I am exploring the relationship between religion and its female members, more specifically inside the Church of Latter Days Saints. The LDS church or Mormons for short, is one religion that not most people know a lot about, and I would like to highlight the core values and words to live by for its members, whether these are good or bad. In my opinion and experiences surrounding this religion, tend to hinder the emotional and mental growth of its members from the start, specifically the effect it has on their female population. I want to express that abuse of power religion has and how the viewer needs to take caution and be wise enough to leave if it hurts them or those close to them.
As a woman who is agnostic, I do not want to deter those from finding a faith to call their own. We are not created in God's most perfect image, nor have we evolved from the most intelligent species. humans are fundamentally designed to make mistakes. Whether those who have faith are better in life is a matter of opinion, but each life is lived differently, and everyone has freedom of choice. I just want those who feel lost or confused to realize that you don’t need a religion to become who you were meant to be. You are your own person, and no church or belief system can take that away from you.


Golden Showers

The concept of this piece is to deceive the viewer. This is not to be done in a  physically harming way but through our fascination with beautiful objects. It will play on  our capacity to be drawn towards “shiny” or “new” things in a frequently visited environment.

The golden stands hang in dense amounts in a motion similar to the  kinetic rain installation or waves of the ocean. The light radiating off the beads is key to drawing in participants, similar to a moth to a flame.   The viewer is invited to inspect and spend time in the space, giving them a moment  to relax and worry not about the rest of the world. With time they are meant to find the  plaque description which gives meaning to the piece and its elements. The plaque with “Golden Showers” is displayed promptly which I assume most students and adults know the definition of this phrase. 

Again most people also know of the Trump’s “alleged”  acts of paying for sex and these golden showers were rumored to be his kink. I highlight these times and bring a bit of humor to our political climate.  The moment of clarity of when seeing the golden strands mimicking the act of a golden  shower; and seeing the Trump, Putin, and Kim Jong Un cut-outs is what I look forward to  most. I know it is controversial and slightly offensive, but what I hope for most is to create a beautiful, fun installation that one person can enjoy.  


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